The Amazing 2,000-Year-Old Boat on Kibbutz Nof Ginossar, Israel

I always said that some day the sea will give us a gift, says Yuvi Lufan. His prediction proved true. The gift which was given by the sea is now one of northern Israel greatest treasures, and my personal favorite. The sea of which Mr. Lufan speaks is the Sea of Galilee, and he says […]

This is Syria?

Knowing, as we do, that civil war is raging on in Syria, with its people enduring horrifying daily bloodbaths, it seems that the entire country must be in a state of catastrophic chaos. So when I got to look across the border into Syria the other day, it was shocking to see this: A little […]

Mokkatam Village a/k/a Garbage City in Cairo

I sat down to write a post about the amazing Cave Church I visited in Cairo, when I began instead reading up on the people who live in the village that is home to the church. Soon it became clear that an entire post should be dedicated to what little I know about these people […]

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Staying Outside Jerusalem’s Old City for the First Time

Jerusalem is my favorite city in the world. It is powerful, it is complicated and it is enthralling. Every time that I’ve visited Jerusalem since I first traveled to Israel in 2008, I’ve stayed in its Old City, a massive walled area in East Jerusalem, home to some of the world’s most important religious and […]

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The Jerusalem Ice Festival

I’ve never been to an ice festival before – and actually never considered going to one – until I learned about Jerusalem’s Ice Festival from my friend Ayelet from All Colores. Unlike many other events in my life, this one was perfectly timed, as I am in Israel currently and planned a trip to Jerusalem […]

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Desert Safari in Egypt

Although I’ve spent months of my life in the sunny seaside town of Dahab in the Sinai, there are still a lot of sights I haven’t seen. During my last stint in Dahab, I decided to work on rectifying this situation by going with King Safari Dahab the tour company I always use, on one […]

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Observing Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

Today marks the third Holocaust Remberance Day I’ve spent in Israel. This time differed from the first two in one significant way for me, though. For the first time ever, I was in public when the sirens sounded at 10:00 a.m. Why did sirens sound and why did I make sure to be in public […]

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Happy Easter from Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth isn’t the first spot you’d head for Easter in Israel, as it’s not the place where Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead (that is Jerusalem). But Nazareth is where Jesus lived as a child and, therefore, a very popular spot for Christian tourists. It’s also a short drive from where I’m living […]

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To Kill a Lamb or Not to Kill a Lamb – Passover in Israel

Today marks the beginning of my third Passover in Israel. I am not Jewish and I don’t live in Israel full time, yet lately I’ve found myself here each Spring when this holiday occurs. And yet again this year, Passover is proving to be a learning experience for me. This post does not contain photos […]

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What a Sandstorm in Israel Looks Like

Obviously, I love the Middle East. The variety of cultures, the people, the food and the sights, to name a few. There is one thing I really dislike about being here, though. That is when the sandstorms hit. Where I’m living now in Tiberias, Israel, I have a view of the Sea of Galilee and […]

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So I Found an Apartment in Israel

Less than 72 hours after arriving in Israel last Tuesday night, I moved into what will be my apartment for the duration of my stay. Previously in Israel, I lived in the northern town of Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee, for seven months in my own place, then for nine weeks with a friend. […]

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A Coptic Engagement Party in Cairo

The drive from Dahab is Cairo is epic, so you have to have a good reason before going on this journey. Ten hours overland, through barren, flat desert of the Sinai, with slow-downs at the many checkpoints that help keep travelers safe, down into the Suez Canal by way of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which […]

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